FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
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What is Mobiperk all about?
Mobiperk is a free application which rewards you for every action you perform on app. You get paid for installing free apps, referring them to friends, watching videos and by completing offers. Use the earned money to recharge your mobile or even withdraw it to wallets like MobiKwik or PayTM. Mobiperk is available for free on Google play.

Note: Usage of Mobile emulator is strictly prohibited.

How do I join Mobiperk?
Our registration process is free and simple; all you have to do is just click on register button using your mobile number & password or you can also register by using your official Facebook Id (contact number is still mandatory). We will then send you a SMS which containing OTP (one time password) to your register mobile number. The system will automatically enter the Code or you can enter it manually to confirm your number. Congratulations, you are registered.
How do I earn free airtime?
To be eligible to earn free airtime, you must have an account on Mobiperk. If you are not yet a member, visit the ‘Get it on Google play’ section on Mobiperk website or you can download it for free from Google play and sign up.

You can earn by installing apps, registering on apps, watching videos and much more. To get heavy rewards you can try friend referral in which you earn handsomely.

All offers are for limited time period which change frequently, so you must check often. You can connect with us social media platforms like Facebook or follow us on Twitter for latest announcements and exclusive offers.

Just make sure that your mobile number is authentic and subscribed on your account so we can get in touch with you when new offers are available.

Any airtime that you win will be available saved on your Mobiperk account until you redeem it!
How do I redeem my airtime?
Once you have enough airtime to top-up then Go to your Recharge screen, enter details and click the recharge button. If you do not have enough to top-up, participate in new offers and complete it to get airtime.
Why can’t I redeem my airtime?
  • Make sure that you have enough money to top-up in your Mobiperk wallet. You can see your balance on your my account screen which is at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Mobiperk works on Android device running Android version 2.3 or higher and you will also required a Wi-Fi or Data connection to use the app.
  • Just make sure that you have a prepaid/postpaid mobile number confirmed on your account.
  • Please check that your mobile operator is supported on your Get Airtime page. We are always working to add new mobile operators, so we hope to have yours available soon.
Why didn’t I get airtime on my phone?
We’re sorry you are having difficulty in getting your free recharge. This happens rarely and there could be few reasons behind it:-
  • Usually Transactions happen within five minutes; but sometime it can take up to 5-6 hours depending on network congestion to process recharges. In case of failure, your amount will be refunded back in your Mobiperk wallet within 24 hours. Hey! Don’t worry your earnings are absolutely safe with us.
  • You didn’t spend enough time playing an app up as written in the instructions. Some apps require users to spend some time on app for e.g. 30 seconds.
  • Sometimes the credit payout might get delayed due to some technical issues. In this case, keep checking our facebook or twitter pages for information about technical issues.
  • You might have already downloaded the app before and deleted it after getting the amount. In this case you can earn free Mobiperk airtime again if it has been more than 30 days you uninstalled app. If still you didn’t receive the money, feel free to send your query via Contact us option in the left menu of the application.
Does Mobiperk support post-paid mobile phones?
Yes, at this time we support post-paid mobile phones of all leading operators in India only.
Can I transfer credit to another account?
Mobiperk cannot transfer any money, credit or airtime from one account to another. But you can recharge for your loved ones using the same account. You just need to enter the mobile number of your loved one.
How do I unsubscribe my email address?
Be aware that you may not receive as many offers if you do not have a confirmed, subscribed email address. Every mail we send you contains a link at the bottom which instructs you to how to unsubscribe.
Why have I not received the confirmation SMS on my mobile?
It can take up to 24 hours to send your confirmation code to your mobile phone because of slow networks. If you do not get the SMS within 24 hours, try to register again. If you still do not get the SMS, please contact us here.

Each phone number can be linked to only one account. Please make sure that you have not already confirmed this number on another account.
How do I add a mobile number or email to my account?
It’s simple, go to your account settings page and there you find options to add your email address.
Can I refer a friend?
We make it easy to refer friends. Click on the refer friend button on Mobiperk to get a unique invitation link. You can also invite your friends from contact lists, via text messages, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Email. Here are the following steps for you to get Friend referral credit.
  • First of all, make sure that your friend must be a new user and must enroll to Mobiperk by using your unique referral link. If your friend already had Mobiperk account, he/she tried to uninstall and re-install it; you will not get the credit.
  • Install and open at least one app to get credit. Credit is usually received within 30 minutes of opening the app. Due to possible delayed response time; it can take longer to receive credit.
  • Installing more than two apps can reduce having to wait for a specific app’s response.
  • Every friend who joins through your invite gives you an opportunity to earn some specific amount which will be credited to your Mobiperk wallet.
When will I receive new offers and surveys?
We are always working hard to get exclusive and new offers for you, but it’s really hard to predict a time frame of when they will come through. At one time, we only have a limited number of airtime offers and which change frequently.

The best way to stay informed on latest offers and announcements is to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. In the meantime when we are updating new offers, you can increase you airtime by referring Mobiperk to your friends to keep earning free credit.

In Case you are getting our mails in Spam then check the spam settings for your email provider to allow emails from Mobiperk.com.
What if I forget my password?
This is very easy! Just click on forgot password strip under the login page. This will ask you to enter your registered mobile and you will get a SMS or email containing the instructions on changing the password.
Does Mobiperk cost me anything?
To be a part of Mobiperk family is absolutely free to be a member and includes usage our services too. The airtime we give away is also free. However, there is no free lunch; Mobiperk is a website so data and messaging charges may take place depending on your arrangement with your mobile operator. Please contact your operator for further information on data and messaging costs.
Why do you need my mobile phone number? Is my personal information secure?
We need your mobile number so we can verify that you have a valid or authentic contact number and also to determine your mobile operator, and send airtime to you. Mobiperk will never call you or share your information with any third parties. Personal information shared by users is completely safe with us and we don’t spam you.
How to withdraw money to third party wallet?
This feature is coming soon.
How does Mobiperk benefit from giving away free airtime?
In case you are wondering how we are giving money like this, it’s simple. The app you have downloaded helps fund that transaction but you have to provide us with all correct and reliable information. We provide this service for free because our offers are sponsored by advertising partners, NGOs, and other organizations interested communicating with you. Mobiperk will not change its users anything.
How can I change my operator?
In case you have ported your number to another operator it still works for you and your account will not be deleted. All we need is your registered phone number and you can select your operator name from the list given. Congratulations, you get your airtime back.
How can I contact if I have some classified queries?
You can contact us by writing to us at support@mobiperk.com and register your query. We promise you quick response.